Meet The Viral Actress Kukku Parameswaran Family

When it comes to her family life, Kukku has not revealed many details on social media.

However, the veteran actress has shared pictures of her family on social media. Kukku shared a beautiful picture of her parents not long before while remembering them. 

In a long-filled caption, the actress expressed how blessed she was to have such supportive parents. Besides that, she has a family-like relationship with her colleagues at work.

Kukku has shared many beautiful pictures surrounding her family but is keeping their details up to her. Her adorable family pictures and married life can be found on her Instagram with the username @cuckooparameswaran.

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Kukku Parameswaran Husband Name: Is She Married?

The Malayalam film actress, Kukku is married to Murali Menon, a fine actor. 

Murali first started his career in the Malayalam industry and soon became one of the leading actors. Besides Malayalam, Murali had the opportunity to work in different other film industries in India.

The couple first met professionally, and then love sparked between them. It is quite an honor to have two living legends of the Malayalam industry under the same roof.

Murali started his career in theater and even performed in Europe. However, the children's details of the couple are missing from the internet.

Insights On The Malayalam Actress Kukku Parameswaran Wikipedia

Presently, Kukku Parameswaran's name is not present on the official site of Wikipedia.

However, the veteran actress has got her name on the IMDB page for her acting credentials. She started her acting journey in theater and moved her way across the mainstream industry.

From the 80s to the early 2000s, Kukku produced Box Office hits with her surreal acting. Besides acting, Kukku was the leading brain behind the costume design of the project "Akale."

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Kukku Parameswaran Sexual Harassment Case Details

Kukku Parameswaran, alongside her colleagues, has protested against sexual harassment by their sudden resignation. 

The veteran actress was part of the Internal Committee of AMMA but now has resigned from her post. Maala Parvathy stepped down from the panel, voicing her protest against Vijay Baby, who has been charged with rape.

Maala has taken a stand against the evil-thought Vijay, who has been linked with sexual harassment case with his co-star. In support of her action, Kukku Parameswaran also resigned from her post.

The committee is asking for inquiries, and the official statement may be released once the inner investigation is completed.