Kelly Mi Li Nationality Revealed

Kelly Mi Li was born in Kunming, China, but relocated to Chicago when her mother accepted a job.

Her ancestors are Chinese, and she is Asian. Scorpio is her zodiac sign. Mi Li started working in a life insurance agency in New York when she was 18 years old.

She relocated to Los Angeles after that and worked in the food and beverage sector and real estate development.

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Who Are Kelly Mi Li Parents? 

Her parents' and siblings' names are unknown.

Kelly and her family relocated to Chicago after her mother accepted a position at the University of Illinois.

Kelly's father was a doctor who was forced to return to China owing to a lack of work.

As a result, Mi Li was raised in America by her mother.

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Kelly Mi Li Ex Husband: Who Is He?

Kelly was originally married to Lin Miao, the founder, and CEO of a messaging company who was convicted ten years ago for "operating one of the greatest cyber frauds in American history," as shown in Bling Empire.

Lin and his co-conspirators executed a multi-million-dollar fraud to charge text message services on clients' bills without their knowledge, according to the Federal Trade Commission's website and the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Lin pled guilty and was given supervised release in exchange for his assistance with investigators, according to The Sun.

In November of 2014, Kelly filed for divorce from Lin. Their divorce was completed in May 2015.

The couple's assets were frozen, according to Kelly, and they paid the government $168 million.

Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating Now?

Kelly Mi li does not appear to be dating anyone. She has, however, been in a relationship with Andrew Gray. The relationship was five years long.

On March 9, 2021, the pair announced their official breakup on their individual Instagram profiles.

The couple was a contentious aspect of Netflix's reality show.

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