What Illness Does Katie Boulter Have? Recent Wimbledon Performance Makes Fans Wonder

Katie Boulter Defeated Karolina Pliskova at the Eastbourne International ( Source : Eurosport )

Katie Boulter was cheered by the crowd as she defeated Karolina Pliskova. But, at the same time, some fans worried about her illness and health. 

Katie Boulter lost her grandmother just two days ago, and today tears rolled down her face as she defeated former world No. 1 Karolina Pliskova on Centre Court to earn the biggest career victory. She dedicated her victory to her late grandmother. 

What Illness Does Katie Boulter Have?

Katie Boulter was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. At that time, she struggled to survive every day; there was no chance she could train herself.

She took a year off from her career after receiving the diagnosis. Moreover, it was in 2016 that she discovered her illness. She was having trouble waking up in the morning and feeling drowsy during the day, writes Daily Mail. 

Fans Inspired from Katie Boulter
Fans Inspired from Katie Boulter ( Source : Twitter )

After finding out about her health condition, it was hard for her to get through the days. But, despite the disease that may hardly let someone enter into sports, she still rose to prominence in the world of tennis. 

She has learned to live and adapt to her condition. She fears the illness will return and must be careful how much she pushes herself daily.

She limits practice and avoids overworking her body in the gym to manage her condition. She still does not play a full schedule but does what she can.

She also says she does not push herself too much and usually just attends one training session per day, compared to other players who attend the two-plus gyms.

Katie Boulter Health Update

Katie Boulter was injured in 2019, which was quite serious and almost put her career in a break. Following that, the covid-19 pandemic came, and lockdown all made her recovery time more difficult. 

However, she has returned to the court after her recovery. Despite facing troubles many times with her health that almost ended her career, she had found a way to make a comeback every time. 

And, whenever she comes back, she makes records every time and climbs up in the ranks. Her story of rising to fame in the world of tennis has inspired many as well. 

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Katie Boulter In Wimbledon Despite Having Two Family Members Seriously Ill

Katie Boulter participated in Wimbledon and shared that she had two family members who were seriously ill at home. She added that illness gives a person a perspective and makes one realize that family is important. 

She had previously shared that one of the members had drastically improved while the other one's health deteriorated because of old age. And two days ago, she lost her grandmother, as reported on Yahoo News. 

Her mother is also a former tennis player and has a brother named James. She wished they could travel to southwest London to see her play. 

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