Who Is Karina Milei? Javier Milei Sister And Trained To Be First Lady Of The Milei Government

Karina Milei pictured and interviewed in an event sometime back
Karina Milei pictured and interviewed in an event sometime back( Source : youtube )

Although Karina Milei doesn't have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page, here is what you need to know about the lady.

Karina Milei is an Argentinian personality who is better known as the sister of Javier Milei.

She herself doesn't hold a major position in the nation's government, but it is the influence she has on her brother's decisions that have got the people talking.

Javier is a politician and economist who is currently serving as a federal deputy of Buenos Aires.

He is a well-known name among the Argentine people, and many people recognize the man from his regular TV appearances.

Recently the influencer lawyer Carlos Maslaton has taken a dig at the woman highlighting how she holds power given to her brother and makes the decisions.

These statements have made big headlines in the media portals, where some are supporting Carlos and others are defending Karina.

As the woman continues to make into the front papers, many people have taken an interest in her personal life details.

Karina Milei Wikipedia: Her Biografia Details

Karina Milei doesn't have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page.

She started her career selling cakes, studying public relations, learning drawing, painting, and other courses.

However, it is her relationship with her brother, Javier, that has brought the lady to fame.

Karina Milei and her brother, Javier Milei
Karina Milei and her brother, Javier Milei( Source : perfil )

Both of them share a strong connection and are always together to support each other in difficult and happy times.

The woman is gradually sliding into the world of politics, where she uses tarot and astrology to evolve in the field of political involvement.

Javier, on the other hand, has always stood by his sister and often labels her as the Boss showing the respect he holds for the woman.

This phrase also indicates the influence she might have on Javier's political decisions, as per Carlos.

However, despite the recent media claims, many women groups and other associates have supported Karina. More about this case is yet to follow.

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Karina Milei Edad: How Old Is She?

Discussing Karina Milei's edad, she is 50 years old.

As reported by Pagina12, she was born in March 1972, around two years after the birth of her brother, Javier.

From this date, we can reach out her age to be 50 years.

Besides the mentioned detail, any further information regarding her childhood and early age personal life is unexplored at this time.

Javier Milei Sister Karina Milei Trained To Be The First Lady of Milei Government: How True Are The Talks?

As per the recent rumors, Karina Milei is set to become the first lady of the Milei government when the man becomes the president.

Javier is aiming for the presidency in 2023, and the preparations are going strong to achieve the goal.

Karina and her brother, Javier, pictured a few years back
Karina and her brother, Javier, pictured a few years back( Source : nexofin )

With these details publically out in the open, many critics have claimed that the man aims to make Karina the first lady of his government.

He already calls the woman first lady and Boss, so it is pretty easy to expect that the man could make it official.

However, as things stand, the talks are limited to gossip as no official statement about it can be found.

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