Who Is Juhayna Djebara? Model Slammed For Taehyung Picture, What Is The Controversy About?

Juhayna Djebara, a social media personality. ( Source : Instagram )

Juhayna Djebara is a social media star who has recently found herself in the middle of controversy after she was slammed for posting a photo with Taehyung.

Djebara is a rising social media star and a content creator. She is mostly famous for her content on her TikTok account where she has total followers of 25.5k. 

She is also very popular on Instagram and she has around 24.6k followers. She makes different dance and TikTok trendy videos on her Tiktok account while she posts aesthetic pictures of herself on her Instagram account.

Juhayna recently posted a picture of her alongside the famous BTS singer called Kim Taehyung on her Twitter account. Prior to posting the picture she also tweeted about her love for Taehyung and how she feels that he is the prettiest human being.

However, the BTS stans were not impressed by her post alongside Taehyung. They were quick to dig up Juhayna's past tweets that she has made about BTS.

Juhayna along with Taehyung.
Juhayna along with Taehyung. ( Source : Twitter )

There were a series of tweets that Juhanya tweeted about BTS where she claimed that they exploit people for their fame and they are not good human beings.

She also replied to a selfie of Taehyung to which she replied "I hate u". Fans were very quick to bring these tweets to light and they were adamant that Juhayna is using BTS just for fame and she is not the fan that she pretends to be.

Thousands of BTS stans took to Twitter and started attacking Juhayna for the insensitive tweets she had made before and her recent picture along with Taehyung. The majority of the Twitter fans were not impressed by Juhayna's past tweets.

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How Did Juhayna Djebara React To The Backlash?

Juhayna has also been going back and forth with the BTS stans where she tried to give her opinion on things that happened before. She clarified that she is still a BTS fan and she loves Kim Taehyung.

On the picture of Taehyung she replied with an "I hate u", she claimed that was a sarcastic remark and she was just trying to be playful with the artist.

She also claimed that she was not hating on the Korean boy band and she would never hate on anyone publicly. She also went on to talk about her mental health issues and how she is not in the right mindset to deal with the whole controversy. 

Djebara then suggested to the fans that they should be more sensitive about attacking people on the internet as mental health is very important and you never know how it is going to affect a person.

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Does Juhayna Djebara Have a Wikipedia Page? Her Bio Explored

Juhayna does not have a Wikipedia page to her name just yet. She is a content creator and social media personality. She has yet to enter the mainstream media.

However, her fame is growing rapidly on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. However, she has been going through some serious backlash on Twitter.

Nonetheless, the model is very beautiful and talented and has a way of getting her fan's attention. She is both a model and a content creator and seems to be growing rapidly. However, there is not much information regarding her private life on the internet. 

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