Who Is Journalist Robert Colville? Meet The Man Behind CPS & Its Voice

Director of the CPS and Editor-in-Chief of CapX, Robert Covile ( Source : Cps )

Robert Colville, a British journalist is the director of the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) and Editor-in-Chief of CapX along with a columnist for The Sunday Times. 

In June 2020, Robert became a weekly political columnist for Sunday Times. He has even written books and his first fook name was 'The Great Acceleration.' It's a book about how and why our lives are getting faster and faster, and the consequences we will cover everything from pop music to politics to high-frequency trading.

The journalist has been a commentator and author for all manner of people, and he has significant experience in TV, public speaking, ghost-writing, speechwriting, and media consultancy.

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Who Is Journalist Robert Colville?

Journalist Robert Colville is the director of CPS and Editor-in-Chief of Cap had spent the first 10 years of his career at The Daily Telegraph in 2007, finishing up as Associate Editor. 

During his time at the company, he ran the comment department looking after entire opinion output in print and online, along with working as a columnist, leader writer, science page editor, etc

After that, Robert moved to BuzzFeed UK, where he became the first News Director looking after the coverage of the 2015 general election campaign along with the rest of the news output.

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Robert Coville Age

Robert Coville was born on June 23, 1980, and is 42 years old. He was raised by his parents, Robert Asgill Colville and Rosemary Raleigh. He received his Master's degree from Cambridge University in 2002 in Master's Art and received his MPhil in International Relations and Affairs from the same university after a year.

After BuzzFeed, he started freelance writing down on politics and technology for a wide variety of publications and publishing his own book. He then started approaching to run CapX, before taking over its main body, the Centre of Politics Studies, in the run of the 2017 elections.

During Robert's tenure the CPS has concentrated primarily on domestic policy, and in particular on the prosperity agenda. It was called as Conservative MPs polled by ComRes as Westminsters most original think tank and produced lots of policies that Tories took for their 2019 manifesto which he left to co-author along with Munira Mirza and Rachel Wolf.

In June 2020, Robert became a columnist for The Sunday Times along with the policy work.

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Robert Coville Partner Andrea Conville

Robert Conville is a married man and his wife's name is Andrea Conville. he lost his wife more than two years back. She was diagnosed with shingles and had shown early symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis. She went into a coma after doctors were trying their best to keep her.

After the death of his wife, he started raising an online fundraising page to study more about the disease with a medical foundation.

Robert Collie with his wife, Andrea and son
Robert Collie with his wife, Andrea and son ( Source : Dailymail )

The journalist has two children named Edward Coville and Alexander Conville.

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