Does John Nettles Have Parkinson's Disease? Illness Explored

John Nettles has not reported any illnesses and he does not have Parkinson's disease as well.

He is healthy and fit as a fiddle. He left the show, Midsomer Murders in 2011 because he was turning old and aging with time.

Since John's departure from the crime TV series, he has starred in 3 acting projects. He featured in Toast of London, Never Land, and Poldark in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

Nettles has not appeared onscreen since 2017. Hopefully, he is doing good and is living a cozy life in England.

John Nettles Health Update In 2022- What Happened  To Him?

To update you about John Nettles's health, he is fit and fine.

Nothing has happened to him since he has not reported any sickness or disease. However, he seems to have retired from the TV industry.

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John Nettles Wife- Who Is He Married To?

John Nettles is blissfully married to his second wife, Cathryn Sealey for almost 27 years.

The couple took a wedding oath in July of 1995 at Evesham, Worcestershire. They love each other and are looking after each other since they are aging.

Nettles was previously married to his first wife, Joyce Middleton. They tied the knot in 1967 but they eventually fell out of love and divorced in 1979, after 12 years of marriage.

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John Nettles Age- Meet His Parents & Children

Legendary actor John Nettles is aged 78 years as of May 2022.

He was born on 11 October 1943 in Cornwall, England to an Irish mother. His biological mom served as a nurse during the Second World War.

Nettles was adopted by birth by Eric and Elsie Nettles. His adoptive parents nurtured him as their own baby and took care of him too.

John is blessed with one and only child, a daughter named Emma Martins. Emma was born in 1970 and she is currently 52 years of age.

Find Actor John Nettles On Instagram

John Nettles is not present on Instagram but he does have a Twitter handle.

Sadly, he is not active on the social platform. He formerly tweeted as @NettlesOfficial and he has received a fan following of 393 people.

What Is John Nettles Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, John Nettles has an estimated fortune of $10 Million.

He was active in the entertainment sector for roughly 48 years. Throughout his career, he obtained fame and a hefty sum for his performances.

Nettles has retired now and is enjoying a comfortable life in Jersey.