Johanna Nordblad Husband: Who Is The The World Record Holder Married To?

Johanna Nordblad is in a happily married relationship with her husband, and the pair is accompanied by a son, Kasper. The family of three lives on Lauttasaari Island near Helsinki, Finland.

However, the name of her husband has not surfaced on the internet. She prefers to keep her detail under the closed curtains. The released documentary also focuses on her husband's mindset.

The relationship of the husband-wife can be heavily explored in the documentary. Netizens can tune in to the movie through Netflix once its worldwide release on the 3rd of May.

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What Accident Was The Diver Johanna Nordblad Involved In?

In 2010, Johanna Nordblad was involved in a horrible bike accident while cycling on the hill. However, the accident started her pathway in the world of freediving beneath the ice.

Johanna was riding the bike when the tire skitted, and she fell from the hill. Johanna mentioned that the fall wasn't that big in an interview with the guardian, but she got unlucky. The diver fell into the pile of rocks.

She was rushed to the hospital, and several surgical processes were carried out. The diver could only walk after the year of the accident. After the suggestion of the doctor, Johanna started using cold-water treatment.

After that, Johanna loves to take a cold-water bath to heal her body after intense exercise. After the accident fully fit, Johanna is all set to contribute her lifetime beneath the sea as a professional diver. 

What Happened To Record Holder Leg?

The record holder, Johanna's leg, was severely injured in a bike accident back in 2010. The leg swell was so intense that the doctor could not operate sewing.

The athlete has been in a tough time but didn't lose her passion for the sport. After the recovery, Johanna participated in an attempt to world file. 

She completed free diving beneath the ice in the swimming pool with a depth of 103 meters. The dive lasted for 2 minutes and 42 seconds in the 2 degrees Celsius water.

The inspiring story of the athlete is all set to be witnessed in the Netflix documentary "Hold Your Breadth: The Ice."

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