How Old Is Jeff Van Gundy Daughter Grayson Van Gundy? 

Grayson Van Gundy, the 18-year-old daughter of Jeff Van Gundy and his beloved wife, Kim Van Gundy, was born in 2004.

Despite being the daughter of a famous sports figure, Grayson Van Gundy spent her childhood as a regular kid, away from the media spotlight.

As of now, there are not many details about Grayson's exact date of birth, as she is a very private member of the famous family. 

She does not attend public events with her celebrity father and does not have a social media presence.

As a result, some details, such as her educational background, hobbies, and other personal information, remain unknown.

Mattie Van Gundy, her elder sister, is eight years older than she is.

Mattie, her sister, is a University of Georgia graduate and former college basketball player.

Grayson enjoys spending time with her older sister.

Grayson is currently inactive on social media, but her sister, Mattie, occasionally shares photos of them having fun together.

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Grayson Van Gundy Career Details

Jeff's daughter Grayson Van Gundy's career might be the most mysterious one. 

Yet, talking about her family, the family has a deep history with basketball. 

But for now, Grayson is still yet to talk about her career in the public, and she is not seen to be related to basketball. 

She might be interested a little, but for now, she has not started the official games, she is never seen on the court. 

So as of now, details about her career are yet to be explored. 

How Many Siblings Does Grayson Van Gundy Have? 

Grayson Van Gundy has only one sibling sister named Mattie Riley Van Gundy.

Mattie was born in 1996, 8 years older than her younger sister Grayson. 

Mattie is the Van Gundys' first child, born several years after their marriage.

Mattie is not only a basketball fan, but she is also a basketball player.

Mattie has been playing basketball since she was in elementary school, though she has never competed at the national level.

Jeff mentioned to Hoop Dreams in 2009 that his daughter, Mattie, plays basketball.

From 2014 to 2017, she worked as an Administrative Assistant for her alma mater's Men's Basketball team.

However, she choose to take a different career part and became an Account Executive. 

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