Jason Kidd Daughter: Jazelle Kidd Age & Education Details

Jason Kidd's daughter Jazelle Kidd and her twin sister Miah Kidd were born on September 26, 2001, and are currently 21 years old in 2022.

Jazelle is an American girl's name. 'Pledge' is the basic meaning of Jazelle. Giselle is a French name that has been Americanized.

The Kidd twins are always tied to one other, from traveling to a party.

While her father is well-known for his dedication to basketball, Jazelle appears to like a dance.

On her Instagram account, the 21-year-old posts a lot of her dancing sessions.

She isn't flinching in the least. The young Kidd appears to have a lot of potential as a dancer, and she will be a great dancer in no time.

Jazelle's mother, an actor, and father, Jason, must be behind her 100 percent.

She is considered successful as long as she has complete support from her family.

Talking about Jazelle Kidd's education details, she might benow pursue a university degree, as her age seems to be. 

However, Jazelle has not revealed her studies and education details for now. 

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Does Jazelle Kidd Have A Boyfriend? 

As of now, Jazelle Kidd has not yet confirmed that she has a boyfriend. 

However, she is a dancer and is associated with many of her friends who are male. 

But none of them seem to have won the heart of Jazelle Kidd. 

Also, her Instagram account seems to show no indication of her being in any love relationship. 

Jazelle is pretty active on her Instagram, and regularly uploads videos of her dancing genre and the posts where she is posing as a model. 

Jason Kidd's daughter Jazelle enjoys using social media sites like Instagram to share images of her vacations and special times in her life.

Meet Jazelle Kidd Siblings

Jazelle Kidd has two siblings, Trey Jason, and Miah Jason. 

Jazelle and Miah both are twins born in a difference of minutes on the 26th of September 2001. 

As for Trey he is the oldest one and was born on the Columbus Day of 1998. 

The twin sisters, Jazelle and Miah, are close to each other and spend a lot of their time together. They are more than just twins; they are each other’s best friends.

Both of them are Jason’s eldest daughters and are now adults.

Talking About Trey, he is not popular like his sister, and also has a feud with his father Jason. 

Once he posted that his father was a cruel person and deserve punishment for it. The details about the incident are on the CluthPoints

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