Is Sophia Ali Australian? 

Many people are confused about Sophia's nationality and believe that she is Australian. However, in reality, she is American born in San Diego, California. Maybe people are confused because of her different accent.

She started her career in 2003 K-Street, where she portrayed the character of Sophia Al Sabih. This was an opening gate for him because, after that, she landed in various projects like FAking it, which has been a very important part of her career.

It seems she is in the initial phase of her stardom and climbing to the top very expeditiously. She is known among fans for her elegance in portraying a character with a conviction and holding to it with panache.

She is also available on Instagram under the handle sophiatali with more than 300,000 followers. She can be seen posting pictures of herself in various attire and having fun in various places.

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Sophia's Father Asim Ali And Mother Brooke Ali - Ethnic Background

Sophia's father is Asim Ali and Brooke Ali. She is a descendant of Pakistan and European heritage; his father is from Pakistan and her mother is from European-American, so she has a connection to two different parts of the world.

Her parents have been very supportive of her and helped her to be in the position she currently stands in. It can be said with certainty that her parents are very proud of her achievement so far.

She is often mistaken by people to be of Indian heritage. She was born on November 7, 1995, which makes her 26 years old. She has massive fan following mainly encompassed by youth.

It will be interesting to watch her career going uphill because she is a talented actress, who deserves every success as per her fans.