Tie Domi is known by many as a Toronto Maple Leaf Legend. Tie is called a Legend for a reason. He holds the NHL record for the highest career fighting majors with 333. He also has the third-most career penalty minutes in NHL history. In his 16 years of NHL career, he has managed to make an excellent name for himself, and his legacy is continued by his son Max Domi. 

Caraline Hurrican player Max Domi is the son of Maple Leaf's former player Tie Domi. Even though Tie Domi's fame and talent have helped uplift Max Domi's ice Hockey career, there is no doubt how talented Max is. He can crave his own identity by putting together an impressive record. 

Max Domi Carrying Out His Father's Legacy And Family

On March 2, 1995, Max Domi was born to his father, Tie Domi, and mother, Leanne Domi. He is currently 27 years old. 

Max grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, with a sibling Carlin Domi. From an early age, many fans knew Max as the son of legendary Leaf's enforcer, Tie Domi. 

Despite his father's impressive NHL records, Max Domi can make a name for himself with his uncanny ability, amazing speed, and smart shot-blocking and highlight play goals. He made his first professional debut in the Ontario Hockey League.

Who is Max Domi dating?

Max Domi is currently dating Madison Kazarian. The lovely couple started dating in 2014 and they have been together for around 8 years. However, they are not engaged or married to each other. She is well known for her role as a cheerleader. 

What is Max Domis's net worth? 

As her 2019, his net worth is estimated to be over 3 million, and his annual salary is reported to be $3,150,000. Domi so far has made $5,500,000 in his entire NHL career. 

In his 20 years career, he has showcased his talents by winning a gold medal at the 2012 Ivan Hlinka Memorable tournament and the 2015 IIHF World under 20 championships.

Passionate and talented Max Domi is the most exciting upcoming NHL stare with great future ahead.