Matt Stone, an American actor, producer, and composer, is not related to Australian chef Curtis Stone. 

The American actor, alongside Trey Parker, made their first project, Cannibal!: The Musical (1992) became an instant hit. 

They made a quick animated film, The Spirit of Christmas, in 1992, which starred early versions of the four foul-mouthed kids and would go on to become South Park heroes.

While Curtis Stone has appeared in several shows like Dinner in a Box, Good Food Live, and Saturday Kitchen. He also hosted the show called My Restaurant Rules in Australia. 

Curtis also makes regular appearances on NBC's Today show, United States. Besides that, Stone has been into appearing on Martha Stewart's Martha, Access Hollywood, or other shows.

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Matt Stone And Curtis Stone Relation As Brothers

Matt Stone and Curtis Stone don't have any relationship as brothers. 

It's just a matter of coincidence that Matt Stone and Curtis Stone share common names. They don't have any family connections and links.

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Matt Stone And Curtis Stone Net Worth Revealed In 2022

According to celeb worth, Matt Stone's net worth is estimated at seven hundred million as of 2022. 

Matt, alongside his collaborator Trey Parker, co-created the popular Sitcom Central series "South Park," which contributes fifty percent to his net worth. 

Stone and Trey co-wrote the Tony Winner Broadway musical "Book of Mormon," which has earned over $500 million in ticket sales.

Curtis Stone has a total net worth of twenty-five million dollars as per celeb worth. His major source of earnings comes from Chef. 

Stone released Kitchen Solutions, a collection of cookware and baking pans that were sold worldwide in 2008. He has four volumes under his name.

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Who Are Their Parents?

Matt Stone was born to parents Gerald Whitney Stone and Sheila Lois Stone. 

His father, Gerald, is an Irish American and economics professor. His mother, Sheila, was a Jewish descendant and actress by profession. 

Bryan Stone, an accountant, and Lorraine Stone, a florist, are the parents of Curtis Stone.