Their relationship has not been disclosed till now, it does not seem likely that Lilia is her close sister of Lacey, as it seems that Lacey has made information available about her sisters and parents. 

Lacey was born in the London, Borough of Barnet in a Catholic family. She had grown up with two young sisters in Hertfordshire. Lacey might not have disclosed the name of her sisters but they are likely to be in their early 30s to late 20s. 

Prior to her work in Eastenders, Lacey had auditioned for advertisements company but with luck, she auditioned for the part of Demi Miller but got the part of Stacey in the show. 

Likewise, Lilia Turner seems to be in her early teenage thus the age difference alone makes these two unlikely to be related to blood. However, there are chances for them to be relatives from extended family. 

Lilia And Lacey Turner Parents Revealed

Lilia's parent's details are unknown as she seems to have gained popularity recently thus information about her is still in the early stage. Moreover, Lacey's parents are Bev and Les they are religious people. 

Moreover, Lacey seems to have had a happy childhood, as she grew near the BBC television studio in London, during her stay, she observed the sets, production, and cast which aspired her to become an actress. 

Furthermore, Lilia is a child actress who plays Lily Slater who is the daughter of Stacey slater and Martin Fowler. In retrospect, she had also played Alyssa in two-episode in 2019 in the same series. 

Furthermore, Lacey turner plays the character of Stacey Slater and she and her husband are the adoptive parents of little Lily in the show. 

Lacey Turner Instagram

Indeed, Lacey has Instagram, she seems to post pictures of her baby, her work projects, colleagues, and awareness about the poverty in Africa. She seems to perform altruistic duties through awareness and philanthropic contributions. 

Lacey has 474K followers and her Instagram handle is @laceyturner.