Fans Think Kelly Evans Is Pregnant With Her Fourth Child

Kelly Evans' fans believe she is now pregnant with her fourth kid and expects to give birth soon.

These rumors are false, as she recently gave birth to her third child at the outset of 2021.

Evans may usually be seen at home with her spouse when she is not in the studio. Eric Chemi, a CNBC reporter, has been her husband since 2017.

Additionally, Chemi entered CNBC in 2014 as a senior editor-at-large, but before that, he specialized in portfolio and risk management at Bloomberg Media and Fortress Investment Group.

The couple has three children: Paul, Greg, and Annie, born after their nuptials.

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Fact Check: Kelly Evans's Baby Bump Pictures

Kelly Evans, an American journalist, posted a photo of her baby bump on her Instagram account in January 2021.

She also stated that everyone should chronicle the lovely voyage. Kelly displayed her developing baby belly for the first time on social media at that time.

Besides, Kelly shared a photo of herself with her third kid a month after sharing a photo of her pregnant bulge. The grateful mother expressed her gratitude to the staff for their assistance during her pregnancy.

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Kelly Evans' Whereabout, Where Is She?

Kelly Evans is now stationed in CNBC's New Jersey office. Evans formerly worked at The Wall Street Journal as an economics writer, where she authored the "Ahead of the Tapes" column, contributed to "Heard on the Street," and presented the daily "News Hub" on

As per sources, Evans began investigating real estate and economics for the Wall Street Journal in 2007.

Furthermore, she previously worked as a correspondent for the Global Economics department and moderated a Republican Primary discussion in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 2012.