Is Ray Martin Indigenous? Journalist's Aboriginal Heritage & Family Explored

Veteran TV journalist, and avid photographer, Ray Martin, was selected to host the Aperture Australia conference in April 2019. ( Source : Thesenior )

Early in the 1990s, Ray Martin discovered his indigenous heritage. He claims that Bertha, his great, great grandmother, was an Aboriginal Australian who belonged to the nearby Kamilaroi tribe.

Ray Martin is an Australian journalist and has won the Gold Logie five times.

In 1965, Ray joined the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as a cadet. He was selected as the ABC's New York City correspondent in less than four years.

In the ensuing ten years, Ray covered a wide range of important occasions, such as racial unrest, anti-Vietnam War demonstrations, Olympic Games, and presidential elections.

Is Journalist Ray Martin Of Aboriginal Heritage? Indigenous Heritage Disclosed

Ray Martin learned of his aboriginal heritage in the early 1990s. Apparently, his great, great grandmother, Bertha Lamey, was an Indigenous Australian from the Kamilaroi tribe, which is located close to Gunnedah.

Irishman William Leamy, Ray's great-great-grandfather, was a prisoner. Upon his arrival, Keepit Station - a lawless, remote property outside the legal bounds of the NSW colony - was given to him.

In William's will, he referred to Bertha as his beloved with whom he had two children. Elders from the Kamilaroi tribe come to greet Ray at Borah Crossing when he visits. 

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Insight On Journalist Ray Martin's Family

Ray Martin, aka Raymond George Grace, was born to a Catholic Irish-Australian family at the air force base in Richmond, New South Wales, on December 20, 1944. 

His family frequently relocated when he was growing up, before finally settling in Adelaide and Tasmania. Due to a scarcity of accommodation, they frequently lived with relatives.

In addition to spending several nights on the streets, Ray and his family were housed by the Salvation Army. Around the age of 11, Ray's mother and his three older sisters fled their abusive father in 1955.

In order to avoid being discovered by her controlling, alcoholic husband, Ray's mother changed their last name to Martin. 

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Who Is Ray Martin's Wife Dianne Martin? Who Are Their Children?

Ray Martin's wife Dianne Martin is the author of The Book of Intentions. On November 29, 1968, the two tied the knot in a private ceremony; they now have two children and two grandchildren.

In addition to theater and publishing, their children, Luke and Jenna, have experience in cinema and television. Ray claims that as parents, he and Dianne never used "tough love" or attempted to steer their children into a certain vocational path.

Ray Martin with his wife Dianne, and children Jenna and Luke.
Ray Martin with his wife Dianne, and children Jenna and Luke. ( Source : Zimbio )

Jenna calls her mother for a chat first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. They get together to play sports as well, and Ray gives them some alone time by taking his grandson, Arlo, to the park for an hour and a half. 

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