Is Cedric Fourie Leaving Skeem Saam? Detail About The Cast & Where He Is Going?

Cedric Fourie, a renowned actor and model. ( Source : Ubetoo )

Cedric Fourie is a South African actor and television personality who has recently been rumored on leaving Skeem Saam.

He now plays Lehasa Maphosa in the SABC 1 soap opera, Skeem Saam. He is well-known in part because of his good looks and physique. When a video of Cedric Fourie's steamy relationship with Lasizwe Dambuza appeared online, his fame increased even more.

Cedric is also a very renowned social media personality as well. He has racked up thousands of fans just on the basis of his looks and the fitness lifestyle that his fans look up to.

Is Cedric Fourie Leaving Skeem Saam? What Happened To Him Explored

Recent rumors suggest that Cedric Fourie may be leaving the SABC 1 daily drama series in order to take part in Durban Gen. It appears that he has already moved from the City of Gold to Durban in anticipation of his position. He will portray a talented surgeon who joins Durban General Hospital and infuses the wards with mystery and intrigue.

It's conceivable that he'll keep working in both roles going forward as he hasn't said whether or not he'll be leaving Skeem Saam. Due to Durban Gen's poor ratings when it was initially broadcast, it's conceivable that this is one of the strategies being used to entice his supporters to the program.

He has been in several movies and TV series as an actor, which may include Harvest, The Ring, & Sokhulu & Partners, as well as a lot of other content.

He portrayed Lehasa Maphosa, a prosperous businessman that many ladies liked, respected, and loved, in the film Skeem Saam. He was depicted as being well off.

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Where Is Cedric Fourie Going After Leaving Skeem Saam?

Cedric has not yet revealed any plans he has for the future after he leaves Skeem Saam. although he has hinted at several new projects he will be a part of, he has not revealed all of his plans.

His fans displayed their sadness about the actor leaving through different social media platforms. While some fans were heartbroken, some were very encouraging of his new beginnings.

Nonetheless, the actor will be a part of many other projects as he is very talented and he also has the looks for it.

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Who Is Cedric Fourie Married To? His Children Explored

Cedric Fourie's wife is Zari Janssen, who was his ex-girlfriend and with whom he had a relationship for 8 years before being married. Considering the fact that his wife is 9 years his senior, the two are happy and supportive of one another. He has been vocal about his support for the LGBTIQ+ community. A kid was born in the year 2015, and its father is Cedric Fourie.

The South African opera Skeem Saam, which has been shown on SABC1 since 2011, was written by Winnie Serite. Since its release, it has gained popularity swiftly, competing with Generations.

There have been ten seasons of Skeem Saam. The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) declared in January 2021 that the show will stop production on March 1 as a consequence of a severe decline in viewership.

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