Will Iris West-Allen Be On The New Season Of Flash Or Is Candice Patton Leaving The Show?

Candice Patton From The Flash ( Source : Twitter )

Candice Patton is an Americian actress acknowledged for her role in The Flash who may be leaving the show after she got killed in season eight. 

Patton is an artist recognized for her work in The Flash, The Guest, Grey's Anatomy, and Commander and Chief. She has made her impression on the long-lasting superhero television series The Flash. She started working in 2014 and still making her role praised by the public. 

Perhaps, Patton has played in 172 episodes of the series for eight years and appeared as Iris West-Allen, Iris West, and Millie Foss. The actress started her career in 2004. She has made her first debut in the television series The Young and the Restless as Robin. 

Why Is Candice Patton Leaving The Flash?

Followers are curious after the seventh season that Candice Patton might leave the action series the Flash. Also, Candice fans are wondering whether the role will remain in the show. She has suffered from time sickness in the previous episode. So, this season, it has got predicted that she will die. 

However, it is the speculation made by the actress's followers. She will be a part of the show in the next season too. Despite this, Candiac fans are concerned about her role as Iris West-Allen will disappear from the sequence. 

Previously, the top cast of the show has found herself in an unexpected incident. Iris has followed the time sickness due to which her loved ones are curious about the days numbered in the string. 

Moreover, Patton may be a part of the show. It is hard to determine what the creator of the line has thought about the next sequel. Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, and Andrew Kreisberg have worked together to make the series more interested and influential to the people. 

Additionally, the curiosity among the people about the next season has increased. Patton has worked alongside Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Nicolet, Hartley Sawyer, and more. 

What Will Happen To Iris West-Allen On The Show?

Patton has appeared as Iris West-Allen in The Flash, where she will faces Time Sickness. In addition, the illness has caused sadness and concern in the lead actor Gustin. He has played the role of Iris's husband on the show, Barry Allen. 

In the recent sequence, her condition of Iris is worse. It seemed she had less time in the show. Also, she has made an impression on the time and started disappearing from the series. As a result, her unstable incident makes other people face the controversy. 

Resolving the reason for Iris West-Allen's TIME SICKNESS
Resolving the reason for Iris West-Allen's TIME SICKNESS ( Source : Twitter )

In the show, the individual who made contact with the character Iris gets away from the world. Nonetheless, her appearance in the show is hard to predict. Despite this, the creator may find new progression for the viewers and how she will face the challenges of her life during the outbreak.  

In season 8, the situation of the cast had made much devasting when she got killed by a lightning bolt. Deon and their other negative partner have a plan to spot Iris and take her out of the game. 

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Where Is Candice Patton Going? 

Fans have a lot of curiosity after Patton killed, where the actress going, and what is her new destination. There is no official information about the actress leaving the show. She may stick to the chapter. She may return to the show in the new form. 

Furthermore, the actress has not signed for other movies or television series. Also, Patton is the lead female role in the show. So without the appearance of Patton, Th Flash may miss its female character. Analyzing the story, the writer may have a plan for Candice. 

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