Is Ben Mitchell Deaf In Real Life?

In real life, Ben Mitchell is not deaf. He does, however, play a deaf character in the BBC series EastEnders. Furthermore, his character was not deaf from the beginning, but his role encountered a fatal event in the middle of the play.

Following his accident injury, Ben was advised to see a doctor and have a hearing test to assess how much he could hear and the severity of his hearing loss.

Ben's chronically damaged ear had worsened, according to the tests, and he'd also experienced substantial hearing loss in his good ear.

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Max Bowden And His Gay Partner

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is having marital problems with his spouse/gay partner, Callum. During the previous night's journey to Walford, his marriage to Callum Highway took a knock.

Tony Clay has opened up about his character's pain over his husband kissing newcomer Lewis Butler.

Things are looking bleak for the duo after a tense week in which Ben was questioned by Callum about his violent vigilante activities against homophobes.

Ben confided in Prince Albert manager and bartender Lewis after refusing to accept responsibility for his attacks, but their chat developed into a drunken kiss.

Sadly for Ben, his police officer spouse tracked him down and observed the entire incident.

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More On EastEnders Plot Twist

Talking about EastEnders' plot twist, Ben's superiors have verified that he would be raped by newcomer Lewis Butler (as Aidan O'Callaghan), as per the Sun

Ben is struggling to find a break, and many believe that the authors are laying the way for his departure.

Some fans, on the other hand, believe Ben may be killed off... and then end up dead.

While one fan pictured Ben exploiting Lewis because of his underlying anger issues, another hoped the character would receive the care he plainly requires.