Are Andy Grammer And Kelsey Grammer Related? Family Details Of The Singer

Andy Grammer has one of the successful musical career. He is suspected to be related to Kelsey Grammer. ( Source : Imagesvc )

American singer Andy Grammer is the distant relative of the actor and producer Kelsey Grammer. 

Kelsey Grammer is known for playing the role of psychiatrist Dr. Fraiser Crane in the NBC sitcom Cheers and the series Fraiser. This role has earned him four Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. 

He has also received numerous Golden Globes, Tony, and Screen Actors Guild Awards for his other performances. The actor is also a member of the Republican party. 

On the other hand, Andy Grammer is a singer and songwriter who have released some hit albums and singles like Honey, I'm Good

Let's learn more about whether the two famous Grammers share a connection or not and explore their family tree. 

Yes, Andy Grammer and Kelsey Grammer are related to each other.  

According to IMDb, the singer Andy is Kelsey's third cousin. However, they have not discussed their bonds openly in the media.

Kelsey Grammer posing with his 25 years younger wife Kayte Walsh.
Kelsey Grammer posing with his 25 years younger wife Kayte Walsh. ( Source : Pagesix )

Born in Saint Thomas in the Caribbean Sea, Kelsey's life is marked by traumatic incidents. His father was murdered by intruders and his two half-brothers died in an accident while scuba diving. 

Kelsey was very close to his sister Karen but she was raped and murdered during her late teens. After that, he was extremely devastated and depressed and got into substance abuse. 

Despite his successful showbiz and political career, Kelsey had an unsuccessful married life three times. He has tied the knots four times and has seven kids altogether. He is living with his fourth wife Kayte Walsh. 

On the flip side, Andy had quite a content childhood. He started writing songs when he was 15 and would play guitar and piano. 

Andy Grammer's song
Andy Grammer's song "Honey, I'm Good" topped at number 9 of the Billboard Hot 100. ( Source : Gannett-Cdn )

The singer graduated with a B.A. degree in the music industry from the California State University, Northridge. His debut single Keep Your Head Up was one of the innovative video creations and won numerous accolades. 

Andy Grammer: Parents And Family Tree Of The Singer

Growing up, Andy received immense support in his singing career from his parents and family. 

Andy was born in Los Angeles to Kathryn Willoughby and the singer Robert Crane Grammer, known by his stage name Red Grammer.

Red is mostly famous for writing children's songs. In 2005, his album Be Bop Your Best was nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards. 

Andy Grammer's mother Kathryn was a kind women and a women's rights activist.
Andy Grammer's mother Kathryn was a kind women and a women's rights activist. ( Source : Instagram )

Andy's mother Kathryn was of German descent and was a women's rights activist. She passed away because of cancer. Her best friend Leigh is also Andy's Godmother and Andy has dedicated the song Saved My Life to her. 

The singer is married to the musician Aijia Grammer and has two children together. They currently live in Los Angeles. 

Meet Andy Grammer On Instagram

The pop singer Andy is very active on his Instagram handle @andygrammer.

Andy has a verified account with over 432K followers on Instagram. He frequently updates the audience about his new albums and shares his family life too.  

Grammer recently posted a cheerful video of his wife with a long caption on her birthday. He spends most of his time with his family and it is evident from his Instagram posts.

He shares the photos and videos of his toddlers, Louisana and Izzy, and feels very grateful to be their father. 

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