No, Amber Heard and John Heard are not related personally, and there is no family relationship between the two of them. 

They are both professional actors with exceptional acting abilities who have become well-known as a result of their roles in a variety of films.

On March 7, 1945, John was born. Helen, an artist who performed in community theater and was a devout Catholic, was his father.

Heart Beat (1980), Cutter's Way (1981), Cat People (1982), Beaches (1988), and Deceived (1988) were among his many successful films (1991).

On July 21, 2017, at the age of 72, Heard died of cardiac arrest caused by atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease.

Amber is a spokeswoman and a human rights activist in addition to being a musician.

She is also the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, who is known for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and The Dark Knight.

Her relationship with Johnny has bought up the people on the internet to question if she is related to John Heard. 

So for now, except for the professional connection, Amber and John are not related in any kind. 

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Amber Heard And John Heard Parents And Relation Rumors: Where Are They From? 

Amber Heard and John Heard's parents are from different places, and there is no relation between them, as the rumors suggest. 

Amber Heard was born in Austin, Texas, to internet researcher Patricia Paige and actor David Clinton Heard.

Whitney is her younger sister.

Heard grew up riding horses, hunting, and fishing with her father, who broke horses in his spare time.

John Heard's parents are from Washington, D.C., while Amber's family is from Austin, Texas.

John was the son of Helen Heard, an artist who performed in community theater, and John Henry Heard, who worked for the Secretary of Defense's office.

Heard was brought up as a devout Catholic.

Heard went to Gonzaga College High School in Gonzaga, Massachusetts, Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, and the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

He had two sisters, one of whom is also an actress, Cordis, and a brother, Matthew, who died in 1975.