Is Actress Dominique Mcelligott Leaving The Boys? Possible Queen Maeve Death In The Next Episode

Queen Maeve AKA Dominique McElligott ( Source : Themarysue )

One of the most anticipated shows in the recent days has to be Amazon Prime's superhero series 'the Boys' With the show currently moving around Queen Meave trying to kill Homelander, the latest episode leaves us on a cliffhanger. 

The possibility of Queen Meave's death questions the actress Dominique McElligott's intention of leaving the show permanently. Here is everything we know about it.

 Is Actress Dominique McElligott Leaving The Boys?

There is very little chance of actress Dominique McElligott leaving the show 'The Boys'. It is definitely her career-defining show and despite the fate of the character she plays, fans are hoping that she doesn't leave the show. 

The House of cards actress has a significant but brief role in the ensemble. With so many stars trying to make a mark, she's definitely, held a grip among the audiences through her badass performance. 

She had very little to showcase in the first season. As the strong-headed member of 'The Seven' we knew her as the woman who took no bullshits whatsoever. Towards the mid-half of season 2 is when we see her vulnerable side. The arc with which her character develops is praiseworthy. 

With all this advancement for Queen Meave, would Dominique McElligot want to quit the show? The answer is maybe no. However, if the channel would want her to take the exit route, the case is different. Even on their part, the possibility seems minimum. 

For now, actress Dominique is not leaving 'The Boys'. The further details will be unraveled once the 6th episode airs and fans cannot wait to see what happens next. 

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Queen Maeve Could Die In The Next Episode? Character Evolution Discussed

We saw in the latest episode of 'The Boys' that Queen Meaveis was suddenly attacked by Black Noir. Starlight is convinced that her only friend at the moment is dead along with keeping fans on their toes. 

With such a nail-biting climax, the Queen's survival is a big question mark. If she happens to die for real, is the actress leaving the show, or are there better things for her to explore on the show even after her death? The canvas is open for you and me to probe.

In shows like 'Money Heist,' we see even after the most loved character Berlin's death he is not completely cut off by the show. The recurring moments do give fans a sigh of relief. Similarly, he was also one of the major characters even after he was killed off. The production team has the authority to lead Dominique on the show as per the story advancement. 

However, we still do not know if Meave has died, so here we will have to wait for the show's return to get the answers. 

What Will Actress Dominique McElligott Do Next?

The question about what actoress Dominique McElligott will do next is far off. She was a part of 'The LAst Tycoon' before she did this supernatural thriller in 2019. After the super success of the show, she has not put her hand in anything else. 

As it is still clear of Queen Meave's character dies or not and the McElligott is leaving the show or not, we cannot say what she plans after she's done with "The Boys'

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