Who Is Imanol Rodríguez? His Relationship With Tati Roust Detailed

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Although Imanol Rodríguez doesn't have a Wikipedia bio page, here is everything you need to know about the actor.

Imanol Rodríguez is an Argentinian actor, producer, and director known for various on-screen roles.

People mainly know the personality for his appearances in Match Game, Nunca es tarde, Escape Perfecto, and so on.

With 10 self-acting and other related credits to his name and more than a hundred thousand followers on his social media, he is a well-known personality.

Besides his personal career, he is also recognized as the son of the Argentinian actor, Miguel Angel Rodriguez.

Many people follow Imanol on a regular basis and are always eager to know him better.

In recent times, several individuals have wondered about the personal life and biography of the actor. Thus, here is what is available to know about Imanol Rodríguez.

Imanol Rodríguez Wikipedia Biography

Imanol Rodríguez is yet to be recognized on the official Wikipedia bio page.

Taking a look at his career, Rodriguez kickstarted his profession in the mid-2000s when he appeared in various shows and TV specials.

His first on-screen appearance came in the film El Capo in 2007 and eventually, the man wrote and directed his own short film titled Flamenco as per Celebkura.

Imanol Rodriguez in El Hotel de los Famosos
Imanol Rodriguez in El Hotel de los Famosos

Since then, the actor has played in multiple shows and has also contributed to various radio shows and programs.

Now, he is fully involved as a multi-professional in the entertainment industry as he also handles producing and directing alongside acting.

Despite these involvements, Imanol is yet to be recognized by the official Wiki page but he is sure to be listed there given his contributions continue in the coming days.

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How Old Is Imanol Rodríguez? Age Explored

Imanol Rodríguez's age is thought to be around 30- 40 years old.

With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, we certainly expect him to be around the age of 30.

He also appears to be in a similar age range based on his appearances in his recent pictures.

However, the exact date of his birth is not officially revealed on the internet.

As a result, his actual age and other birthday details are not clearly known to the outsiders and still remain a mystery.

Who Is Imanol Rodríguez Girlfriend Tati Roust?

Imanol Rodríguez's girlfriend, Tati Roust, is a producer.

The couple is together for more than four years and they recently celebrated their 4th year anniversary on June 7.

Imanol Rodriguez with his girlfriend, Tati Roust
Imanol Rodriguez with his girlfriend, Tati Roust

Roust is also a well-known producer in the industry and is popular among people with thousands of followers.

Both of them regularly upload each other's pictures on their Instagram accounts to show their love for each other.

As things stand, the couple is yet to tie the knot.

Meet Imanol Rodríguez On Instagram

You can find Imanol Rodríguez on Instagram with the username @imarodriguez.

He has a verified account with over 103k followers at the time of writing.

The actor is also pretty active on it and has made more than 750 posts to this date alongside regularly updating Instagram stories.

The majority of his posts are related to his personal life moments and professional life.

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