Ian Goodfellow Salary At Google Was Reported To Be Over A Million Dollars

According to India Today, his salary at Google was above $1 million. 

Apart from that, he also worked at Tesla's machine learning company, and it is reported that he took at least $800000 per annum during that period. 

Ian Goodfellow joined the team of Google after his graduation. Initially, he was a part of the Google Brain research team.

Similarly, he worked at Open AI, and they paid him $800000 in the year 2016. From Open AI, he went (back) to Google. And then, in 2019, he left Google to join Apple. So, since 2016 he has made two hops, and given how much in ultimatum top AI engineers are, it is safe to assume that he must not be making less than $1 million at Apple.

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Ian Goodfellow Has An Amazing Net Worth In 2022

Ian Goodfellow has amassed a good sum of money from his profession, and his net worth is reported to be around $1 million to $5 million. Numerous assistance in deep learning can be attributed to his career as a researcher and educator.

He is one of the best minds in artificial intelligence at Google and has joined Apple in a director role. So, his various works must have helped him preserve a decent fortune. Furthermore, he is now going to DeepMind, and it can be said that his earnings will increase in the future.

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Ian Goodfellow Quits Google And Goes To DeepMind

According to a source, Ian Goodfellow is leaving the tech giant Google due to the company's return-to-work policy. And now, he has accepted a position at DeepMind. However, DeepMind has yet to confirm this new development. 

Ian Goodfellow joined the team of Goolge after graduation and is now leaving to join DeepMind.
Ian Goodfellow joined the team of Goolge after graduation and is now leaving to join DeepMind.

As we know, he is noted for the invention of GANs. For your information, DeepMind has widely considered a leading AI research hub and is famous for its software that conquered the game Go. The lab's research has improved some Google services, like YouTube bandwidth.