Brenton Raffensperger Death - Brad Raffensperger Son's Death Cause

Brad Raffensperger CEO at TS Group of Companies ( Source : Facebook )

Brenton Raffensperger, the son of politician and businessperson Brad Raffensperger, died at age 38 due to a Fentanyl overdose in 2018, and his family went through a heartbreaking moment. 

Raffensperger is the son of Secretary of State of Georgia, Bred. He has raised under the direction of his father and mother. His father was the previous member who served in the Georgia House of Representatives for the 50th district.

Currently, Bred has got appointed as the 29th secretary of state of Georgia by Robyn Crittenden. He is a member of the Republican political party and resides with his family in Johns Creek, Georgia, United States. 

How Did Brad Raffensperger Son Brenton Raffensperger Die?

Raffensperger passed away in 2018 due to a medication overdose. He inhales the powerful opioid and other medicine mainly used for anesthesia. However, it is unclear whether the businessman's son was addicted to the drug or due to a medical condition.

The son of politician Brad died at age 38. Brad has not spoken much about the situation in that period. Analyzing his death, he may use the Fentanyl as a recreational drug, and over-consuming the medicine with the various heroin, cocaine, or other related drugs may be the reason for Brenton's death. 

Moreover, GA Secretary of State, Bred his child four years ago. However, nothing works for the survival of the engineering kid. He left the earth at a young age. 

In 2021, Raffensperger's mother talked about fear. She felt different from her family. She didn't want to explore the news because someone may use her words against her. She has shared the devasting situation she has gone through. She said she lost her child and didn't want to face the tragic moment again. 

In 2020, Berd tweeted that something came to his house, and it was three. It was from the same firm for his kid Breton who died two years ago. 

Brenton Raffensperger Wife: Is He Married?

Raffensperger may not be married and had no wife. There is no detail about the politician's son's marital life. Also, Brad has not celebrated the grand wedding of his son. If Brenton has tied the knot with someone, he has managed to keep her out of social sites. 

In 2018, it was the age for Bred to get a beautiful wife and make his own family. However, he cannot have the life he is supposed to because the young boy passed away without seeing much of the world. 

Talking about Brenton's relationship, he may not connect with anyone until his death. He has kept his loved ones away from the social site. He takes their memory to the grave. 

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Brenton Raffensperger Family Details

Raffensperger was born to the political family Bred and Tricia Raffensperger. Bred and Tricia have tied the knot into a blissful marriage relationship and had three children, and Brenton was one of them who didn't survive.  

Brad Raffensperger meeting elderly people
Brad Raffensperger meeting elderly people ( Source : Facebook )

Raffensperger family has invited two new members of the family from one of their children. Also, Brenton's father has four siblings. According to former President Donald Trump, Ron is the brother of a politician. He recently worked in China. It is a false statement made by the president. Brad has no such kin. 

In 1985, Bred joined TS Group of Companies as CEO and served for 37 years and six months. He has started his career at Tendon Systems, LLC. He used to work for an engineering company. His work in a private job made an amount of $26.5 million. 

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