Heartstopper: Cormac Hyde-Corrin Details

Cormac Hyde-Corrin has been cast as Harry Greene. He seems to bully Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, who is played by Joe Locke and Kit Conner, respectively. His role showcases the energy, hate, and chemistry in the cast, which further incites the plot of the series. 

Likewise, Heartstopper seems to be Cormac's first debut in the series. He does not seem to have engaged in a theatrical or major media company. Similarly, the British actor has been able to stand his ground against his remarkable co-stars. 

Moreover, Cormac also seems to be quite proficient in hip-hop. He is a good rapper with the ability to perform freestyle and written raps. His videos can be viewed on Youtube as well. 

Cormac Hyde-Corrin Age Revealed

Cormac Hyde-Corrin seems to be in his mid to late teenage years. He does seem to look quite young but is matured in his mindset and ability to profess the emotion needed for the series. 

Despite not getting much screen time in the show, he does seem to have the ability to make an impact during his scenes. The actor had the latent ability to perform soundly in the series and movies. 

Cormac Hyde-Corrin Wikipedia: Who Are His Parents?

There are few details about Hyde-Corrin as he seems to be undiscovered by the media. His height is about 5 feet 10 inches, his hair color is dark blond, and his eyes are blue. The actor seems to be quite handsome and has an appealing outlook. 

Similarly, the information about his parents has not been made available yet, but their parents are likely to be supportive of his endeavors and facilitate him to grow into a talented entertainer ahead as well. 

Meet Him On Instagram

The actor seems to be quite active on Instagram, but he seems to have fewer posts. He engages his followers through his daily stories on social media. He seems to have more than ten thousand followers. His Instagram handle is @cormaccorrin. 

Moreover, the actor seems to post about his projects and his personal stuff related today out with his friends and other passionate endeavors.

Also, he does not seem to have a girlfriend, as he has not made the information available about his relationship status.  

Cormac Hyde-Corrin Net Worth In 2022

There are prospects for the actor to have received a lucrative deal from the Netflix production of the series. The information about his Net Worth has not been disclosed. 

Ultimately, it can be speculated through the research and information from different sources that he is worth around 100 thousand dollars at present.