How Much Is Harry Gration's House Worth? Details About His Wealth At The Time Of Death

Harry Gration had a net worth of around $1.5 million at the time of his death. ( Source : Bbc )

Harry Gration, a former BBC Look North broadcaster, passed away unexpectedly at age 71.

Having joined BBC Look North in 1982, Harry was a well-liked and well-known figure throughout Yorkshire. A day before turning 70 and shortly after the birth of his son Hamilton in October 2019, he gave his final performance in 2020.

Social media was flooded with tributes from viewers as well as many of the seasoned journalist's friends and coworkers. Tonight, BBC Yorkshire tweeted that their much-loved friend and colleague Harry Gration passed away suddenly.

How Much Is Harry Gration's House Worth?

Harry Gration had his house located in the Bradford, West Riding of the Yorkshire United Kingdom, owned by his parents. The house is expected to have cost a huge sum as he belonged to a family of entrepreneurs. His father was the manager of a boot store in York. 

Of course, with time passing by, he traveled places for his work and made a house of his own. He got married three times before he could finally cal the four walls of his home. 

It is said that the man owned a property in Britain that cost around 500k USD. With six children, he did give all of them the life they deserved and was capable of leading a smooth life. 

Gration definitely did own a vehicle as well. Even though the exact name of his car cannot be stated, the paparazzi did spot him getting out of different lavish cars. 

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Harry Gration Net Worth At Death And Career Earnings

According to Famous Birthdays, Harry Gration's net worth is around 1.5 million dollars. at the time of his death. The major source of income for him was his successful television career. 

Gration frequently made an appearance in a video section alongside the show's primary actor and author, Berwick Kaler, in the annual Christmas pantomime at the York Theatre Royal. Simialrly, he also appeared in women's undergarments in the 2016 version of Cinderella.

When Gration was named honorary Mayor of Burn in December 2009, he followed in the footsteps of his Look North coworker and Mayor of Wetwang, Paul Hudson. Keeley Donovan, a weather reporter and presenter for Look North, and Johnny I'Anson, a BBC broadcaster, were married in Knaresborough in June 2018 under the direction of Gration.

Gration announced his departure from the BBC on October 13, 2020. His final episode of Look North as the show's primary presenter aired on October 21, 2020; the day before he turned 70.

He did make a lump sum of money from over 5 decades of broadcasting. 

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