Hair Stylist Micah Dickey Passed Away, What Happened To Atlanta Artist Micah Da Mac?

MicahDaMac passes away ( Source : Mobile )

An Atlanta-based hair artist, Micah Dickey suddenly passed away. His friends, family, colleagues, and well-wishers are currently in mourning.

Even though he cannot be found on Instagram, there is a fan page dedicated to him. It has over 600 followers and it posts all the good stuff about the stylist. With not so good reputation when it came to being loyal to his customers, his talent was appreciated by everyone.

Hair Stylist Micah Dickey Passed Away

Hair stylist Micah Dickey has been reported to have passed away by netizens. Even though a reliable source is yet to reveal the news, Twitter is filled with people paying tribute to him, offering prayers and condolences to his family. 

It is quite unfortunate that we lost such a talented artist when he still had so much to offer the world. We are still in disbelief that he is no more with us. This OG hair stylist was people's favorite. He was loved and adored for his unique skills. 

However, when there is a great appreciation on one side, the negatives are also prone. One of the users on Instagram posted a review where he said that artists went by different names and changed names once people started realizing he was a scammer. He shared his experience that he's sent a $310 wig, but it came to emailing him; he sent off flat empty mailing packages and sent tracking numbers that never leave Georgia. He had been digging and digging only to find out that Micah Dickey had been stealing from hard-working people for years. 

A similar post on Twitter says that he was still scamming people with his hair business. This was a comment on a post that was paying tribute to him after his death. It is quite heartbreaking to see people having such bitter experiences with him. However, the truth went with Micah to the other world. 

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Atlanta Micah Da Mac Death Cause Explained

One of the Twitteratti asks what happened to hair stylist Micah Da Mac, to which a reply said that he passed away last night. He added that he had been trying to figure out the cause of death but could find nothing about it. 

Micah was very young, and any kind of illness or sickness had not been mentioned anywhere. Similarly, debates are going around regarding the possible accident or any other unfortunate events. 

Further, there is a line of people grieving his untimely demise. A person called Lyric B tweets, "Rest in peace, friend. This was one of the last few pictures we took at a Halloween party a few years back. I wish we would have taken more recent ones. 2022 has officially been harder than ever. Rest up, my friend. I pray your soul is now at true peace."

Similarly, Lakira Denise writes, "Not Micah da Mac. I still follow them on ig lemme go check rq" 

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