Did Goran Dragic Cheat On Wife Maja Dragic With Personal Trainer?

As of now, Goran Dragic and his wife Maja Dragic are together, and there is no official news about their divorce. 

Many people over Twitter are talking about Maja cheating on Goran with her trainer, instead, of Goran doing that. 

And for the confirmation, neither Maja nor Goran have come forward in the media, as they are still busy with their games. 

According to another one of the Reddit users, the article was found about Goran, Maja has already become his ex-wife.

But officially there are no details about the divorce and no announcement of their breakup. 

The couple has been together for almost 8 years and has conceived two beautiful children. 

As far as the concern about Goran cheating on his wife, the allegations seem to be fake, and there is no truth in them. 

And neither Goran has said that his wife cheated on him, as they are still together, and Maja's cheating could have made the headlines. 

So it is better to say that the couple is still on good terms unless something official comes up. 

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Goran Dragic Wife Maja Dragic-Are They Getting A Divorce? 

As of now, there is no official news about Goran and wife Maja Dragic getting a divorce. 

Due to a lack of information on the issue of divorce, it is better to say that the couples are still together. 

There is some website that has claimed that they have already divorced, but it doesn't seem to appear that way, as there is no release about it. 

Even though the divorce could be a silent one, they are still appearing together on the online platform. 

So for now, it can be confirmed that the couple is still together and nothing seems to be changed. 

Goran Dragic Children Details 

Maja Dragic and Goran Dragic have two lovely children.

On November 11, 2013, Mateo Dragic was born.

The 6 ft 3 in player described his son's birth as an "unbelievable experience" and spoke highly of Maja Dragic.

Almost two years later, Maja gave birth to their second child, a girl named Viktoria.

Maja was forced to give birth to Viktoria in Serbia in August 2015 due to a difficult pregnancy.

Mrs. Dragic, the lovely NBA wife, is a stay-at-home wife who attends her husband's games and, of course, looks after their children.

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