Meet Genevieve Hannelius Boyfriend Jack Chiate, What Is His Age?

Jack Chiate is a 23-year-old celebrity, who has come to fame through his relationship with Genevieve Hannelius. Chiate was born and grew up in California.

Similarly, Jack also attended Calabasas High School in California, it is likely that Genevieve also attended the same school, where they were acquainted with each other. 

Genevieve and Chiate seem to have quite the chemistry as the duo, had been able to garner attention from the audience off-screen. They seem to have a good connection with each other. 

Jack Chiate Biography Explored

Jack Chiate, does not seem to have any notable contributions, he has been able to gain a number of followers on Instagram, but he does not seem to engage in artistic pursuits. 

Moreover, Jack seems to have shared a good relationship with Genevieve. They were able to share compassion, kindness, and strong connection toward one another. 

Social media were covered by their pictures and rumors as people were jealous of the young couple, despite the mainstream hype, the couple gradually faded away and has not been relevant for 4-5 years as well. 

Are Genevieve Hannelius and Jack Chiate Still Together?

Genevieve Hannelisu and Jack Chiate have called it quits after 1 year of their relationship since 2015, the difference in fame between Jack and Genevive, and the interference of media might have created between these two. 

Similarly, they seem to share a friendly connection with one another. It is likely that Jack is together with someone special in his life. Similarly, Genevieve seems to have found someone else as well. 

Currently, she is in a relationship with Barrett, who is an independent singer, she seems to be together with Barrett in early 2019. The couple also has a common in terms of music and performance arts. 

Jack Chiate Parents Nationality and Family Descent Details 

Jack Chiate's parent's details are not disclosed, Jack has been under the radar since his breakup, and it is likely that he has supportive and thoughtful parents who are there for him during his hour of need. 

Generally, Jack Chiate parents are American citizens, as they were residents of California, and also Jack studied at a school in California. They are likely of white ethnicity, descended from their ancestors in the country.