General Hospital's Steve Burton's Wife Sheree Gustin Is Pregnant

The couples are yet to announce the divorce, but it is likely that their relationship is headed in that direction. They do not seem to have any controversy regarding their relationship. 

The actor stated that his wife is rumored to be pregnant with 4th child which he argues that it is not his child, as they have not been together. 

Thus, they were a picture-perfect family, but due to some misunderstandings, issues, and inability to communicate with each other seem to have drifted the couple apart.

Steve Burton, 51 was married in 1999, and both of them were struck with each other in terms of love and compassion. They both fell in love and promptly married one another. 

However, due to some conflict and misunderstanding, the couple seems to have separated from each other, but their exact reasoning for separation has not been disclosed. 

Steve Burton And Sheree Gustin Divorce Settlement & Overall Net Worth

Steve Burton has amassed a sound wealth through his profession in movies and TV shows. Moreover, he is believed to have a net worth of 3 million dollars. 

Moreover, the actor also engages in altruism and philanthropic endeavors as he donated his earnings to the fan club for the building of a clubhouse. 

Furthermore, it is estimated that Sheree Gustin has a worth of 800 thousand dollars, she also seems to be involved in the entertainment industry, and through her connection for better financial security to Steve. 

Steve Burton And Sheree Gustin Settlement Process? How Will The Couples Manage Their Children?

Sheree Gustin and Steve's marital separation is likely to bring obligations to Steve to pay for alimony, child support, and other financial amenities to his wife. Currently, the couple is co-parenting their three children, 2 daughters, and a son. 

Moreover, Steve seems to have lost his biggest payday at General Hospital due to his refusal to put on the vaccine. Nonetheless, Steve Burton seems to take of their children. 

He seems to enjoy spending time with them, as Steve is a hands-on approach dad who seems to take their kids to various parks, and trekking and he also engages his kids in various activities such as climbing and sports.