Gabriela Pugliesi Wikipedia Revealed

Gabriela Leda Ferreira, also known as Gabriela Pugliesi, is a Bahian who was born on October 28, 1985, in Salvador. She moved to So Paulo with her mother, Vera Minelli, when she was two years old.

The girl had a difficult childhood, exacerbated by her being a chubby child. She claims that she has constantly been bullied because of her weight. The girl, however, decided to change that when she was 13 years old.

As a result, young Gabriela enrolled in an academy for the first time at this time.

She began exercising to boost her self-esteem. Even though she struggled with the scales throughout her teenage years, she eventually enjoyed the habit.

Does Gabriela Pugliesi Have An Instagram Account?  

Gabriela Pugliesi has an Instagram account. To further elaborate, her handle name is @eusougabriela. 

So far, the verified user has amassed over 4.9 million followers along with 13007 posts. 

Similarly, Gabriela Pugliesi also has a Fitness page that she shared through her bio. The handle name is @gaabwellness. It has 17.2 thousand followers, along with 16 posts. 

You can explore more of it through the website, ""

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Who Is Gabriela Pugliesi Husband? 

Gabriela Pugliesi's partner's name is Tulio Dek. 

As for his profession, he is a Brazilian artist and an entrepreneur.

He has shared more of his life through his Instagram account, @tuliodek. He has over 355 thousand followers, along with 105 posts.

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