Is Jack Wagner Leaving When Calls The Heart? - Fans Think Hallmark Actor He Is Leaving

People are wondering whether the next actor to leave Hallmark will be Jack; this rumor has been spreading across the star fans. However, as of now, the rumor seems to be just a hoax and does not have truth in it.

Neither the star nor the crew of the show has come forward saying anything about Jack's removal or replacement. The show is in a really great position and it does not make sense to write off one of the fans' favorites.

On top of that, there is also no news of Jack signing any other offer, so it is highly unlikely that he will leave a successful show without a strong reason. Thus, as of now, there does not seems to be a reason for people to worry about him leaving the show.

The show has a massive fan following and it has been reported by The Ancestory that the show has a big chunk of fans among 18 and above women.

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What Happened To Jack Wagner?

Personally, Jack seems to be fine, but his character's health seems to be failing. In the latest episode, it was seen that he had poor health and went to Faith's clinic for the check-up. 

It looks like he has pneumonia; however, he does not seems to be caring about his health and has been careless. Seeing the trajectory of his character, his health might get more severe.

However, Wagner is likely to get a good health check-up with Faith and will return to normal health after that. People will have to wait and watch the show to get a proper view of what is happening.

It will be astounding if they kill Jack's character in the show. If they do, they will certainly break many fans' hearts.