Fanny Serrano Age Explored

At the time of Fanny's death, Fanny Serrano was 45-50 years old.

Serrano's death has prompted interest in his life, even though his birth information is absent from the internet.

He has a French diploma and was well-known in the cosmetics industry. He gave brides the best looks, the most stunning looks, and the ideal go-to look for their Instagram videos.

Fanny helped ladies look their best at weddings, weddings, and other significant occasions. He exclusively used the highest-quality products for his clientele.

Serrano's social media outlets are responsible for his current celebrity.

This Internet superstar now has millions of followers and is receiving tributes from all around the globe.

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Fanny Serrano Wikipedia Revealed

Fanny Serrano's page is unavailable on the official website of Wikipedia.

Fanny was a popular model, actress, and makeup artist on TikTok.

He began his career as a makeup artist and actor at a young age. Serrano had a long experience in the business.

The artist began his acting career in 1973 and his makeup artist profession in 1977.

Serrano has also worked as a director in the industry. Fanny's IMDb profile lists 26 acting credits. He also has 17 credits as a makeup artist and one as a director.

He has worked in the Costume & Wardrobe Department in addition to his cinematic ventures.

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Fanny Serrano Cause Of Death Revealed

According to reports, fanny Serrano died of a heart attack after suffering two heart attacks in 2016 and 2020.

The MUA's death was announced on May 10, 2022, at the age of 72.

In March 2020, megastar Sharon Cuneta disclosed that her longtime friend TF Fanny Serrano had had a severe stroke.

Many celebrities and influencers are sending condolences and tributes to Fanny Serrano's family.

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