Fanchon Stinger's Divorce With Husband Kevin Kaczmarek

The internet has rumors about Fanchon's divorce from her husband Kevin. However, the couple has not shared this news publicly yet, so this has not been confirmed yet. Kevin works as a manager of Sales for Defenders.

However, in the past, she was reported to have been in a relationship with Rayford Jackson. Their relationship ended on a very bad note as she was reported to have been abused multiple times.

There is a detailed account of her being abused on her website described in detail with photographs of the aftermath. She has to raise her voice against domestic abuse and inequality. She is very vocal about women's upliftment and rights.

She has managed to maintain great respect among her audience which is why after her departing news came to the public, there are wishing her a great career ahead her.

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Where Is Fanchon Going Now? 

Fanchon has said that she will be retiring from broadcast media now and will focus on her new production company, as well as youth mentoring through the nonprofit company Grit and Grace Nation.

She is a co-founder of Grit and Grace Nation. On her last appearance on television, a special video was made for her where many memorable moments of her journey on Fox 9 were shown, which made her very emotional.

On her social media, she also shared a party that was organized for her by her colleague, where they were having a great time. People can follow her on Instagram to keep updated about what is going on in her life.

On Instagram, she goes by the handle name fanchonstinger with a verified account. She has more than 8,000 followers and can be seen posting about her life events and time spent with her loved ones.