Why Is Ethan Ralph Arrested? 

There is a lack of certain answers about the cause of Ethan's arrest; however, it has been rumored that the police got calls about domestic violence against him. This is a rumor on Twitter. 

Along with this rumor, a clip is going viral where the police approach a man and then say that he is being detained because he matches the description of the man police came to take into custody.

Since then, there has been no update and it is still unclear why was he being detained by the police. There are only speculations and not a clear authentic answer about the arrest.

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Ethan Ralph's Net Worth & Girlfriend 

Ethan's net worth is probably more than $300,000. He makes a great earning from his live stream that is seen by many people, especially on the right of the spectrum. Viewers also donate some amount in his live stream. 

Recently, in a video that appears to be his arrest too, he was doing a live stream, and people were donating. Some people were also calling the police derogatory terms because they were arresting him.

Ethan was in a relationship with a woman in the past, but his relationship with his girlfriend ended with a controversy surrounding revenge porn and litigation. He also had a baby with her.

Ethan Ralph Wikipedia

Ethan is a successful podcaster with his show called Killstream. He was initially active on YouTube with his show but was later banned by Youtube for his outrageous and extreme commentary.

His name was also connected to the US capitol riot because he received a bitcoin donation from a French donor, who also donated other right wongers before the storming of the capitol.

People are discussing his arrest, and there are many things that are yet to be answered about it. The police have not released any statement about his arrest.