Who Is Elz Mccarthy From Motdx? 

Elz from Motdx is a talented YouTube celebrity, who made name for herself with the success of her YouTube channel. The success of her YouTube channel has been transcended into various social media platforms.

On YouTube, her channel goes by the name Elz the Witch, where she has more than 200,000 subscribers. She can be seen posting videos of her playing games and collaborating with other YouTubers.

As of writing this article, her featured video on YouTube is with the famous rapper and YouTuber KSI. Her fame is increasing each and every day at a constant rate.

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Motdx Presenter Wikipedia and Bio - Elz's Information

Elz is a famous British social media star. She is very active on YouTube which is the place where she gained her fame initially. Now, she has been loved by people for her appearance in Motdx.

She is 30 years old, born on October 8, 1991. Her usual content is gaming videos; however, she also uploads vlogs sometimes, where she presents her exciting life and keeps her fans updated about her life.

There is a lack of women gaming Youtubers, and she is among few. She has said on her Youtube page that her favorite games are Final Fantasy 7, Zelda Ocarina of Time, GTA San Andreas, and The Sims.

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Does Elz Have A Boyfriend? - Dating Life Explored

Elz has managed to keep her dating life a secret, so people are unsure about her boyfriend. She has not revealed to the public whether she is seeing someone or not currently.

She is active on Instagram, where she can be seen posting pictures of her having good times. She goes by the handle name elzthewitch, where she has more than 270,000 followers.

People are excited to see her new content. She considers herself to be a different type of gamer, who does not match stereotypes.