Elisabeth Borne Compagnon 2022

Elisabeth Borne was the last labor minister in French President Emmanuel Macron's government and took over from Jean Castex, whose departure was expected after Macron's reelection to a second five-year term last month.

She spoke shortly after her appointment, expressing her delight at being chosen for the highest position a woman has ever held in French politics.

Her first task will be to ensure that Macron's centrist party and its allies perform well in the June parliamentary election in France. The two-round vote will determine which party holds the majority of seats in France's National Assembly, which has absolute power over the Senate in the legislative process.

Suppose Macron's party wins a majority in the Assembly. In that case, Borne will have to ensure that the president's promised pension changes, such as 62 to 65 years old, you can retire, are implemented. Workers, unions, and left-wing voters have all condemned the proposed reforms.

Macron also promised a law to address France's rising cost of living, including growing food and energy prices. His new cabinet will develop it, and it is expected to be delivered shortly after the legislative election.

She also stated that the new prime minister would be in charge of "green planning" to hasten the implementation of climate-related legislation in France. Macron pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions "twice as fast in his second term."

Borne's track record has been mixed, drawing criticism from workers, unions, and left-wing voters. Since taking office as Labor Minister in 2020, she has enacted policies that make it more difficult for unemployed people to collect benefits and have lower monthly payments for some unemployed persons.

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Elisabeth Borne Ex Mari Olivier Allix Divorce & Son

Elisabeth Borne has been a committed macaron since joining the administration in 2017. She is also a mother in addition to being a politician.

She is pretty secretive about her personal life and is not used to discussing it with the media. According to Liberation in 2015, the minister had an incredible love story with Olivier Allix, an academic and engineer two years her junior, whom she married on June 30, 1989.

Nathan, a small boy, was born from their connection. Unfortunately, the couple split up after a few years of living together. Elisabeth Borne has never spoken about her personal life after then.

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