Does Geraldo Rivera Have MS? Health Problem

People might have heard rumors that say Geraldo has MS; however, these are completely unwarranted claims. There is no evidence to support the fact that he is suffering from Multiple sclerosis(MS).

MS is a serious chronic illness that affects the central nervous system. This disease occurs when the immune system attacks nerve fibers and myelin sheathing in the brain and spinal cord.

There does not seem to presence of any of these symptoms, and neither Geraldo has publicly claimed that he has been diagnosed with this disease. Thus, as of now, these claims are completely baseless and cannot be trusted.

Why Is Geraldo Using A Cane?

Geraldo has never clearly answered the reason he uses a cane. However, it is likely that it was a result of a mishap that happened in his surgery of back done in 2010, as per Distractify

It has been reported that his right leg was severely affected due to surgery and that left him limited in many physical activities. He also sued the hospital back then, but the hospital denied any wrongdoing in the case.

Despite his physical limitation, there has not been any effect in his commentary. He has managed to inform a great number of people and inspire them to have their perspectives on politics.

Geraldo Rivera Wife And Net Worth

Geraldo's wife is Erica Michelle Levy. Including Erica, he has been married five times, and his four marriages ended in divorce. He married Erica in 2003, and the couple seems to be very happy with the marriage.

With Erica, he has a daughter. From his fourth marriage with Cynthia Cruickshank, he has a daughter Simone Cruickshank. Thus, it can be said that he did not have a great love life.

It has been estimated that he is worth around $20 million, which is not a surprise given the fact that he is a very popular and successful journalist and author.