Does Gary Bettman The NHL Commissioner Have Parkinson Disease?  

No, Gary Bettman is not suffering from any kind of Parkinson's disease. 

A query about his health issue was discussed briefly on Reddit after a user asked about his health condition. The commissioner's hands were found shaking like a leaf at the Winter Classic Press Conference.

The post is accumulated with two comments explaining that he is not suffering from Parkinson's disease. According to jas0660, a user on Reddit, Gary is socially awkward dealing with people.

The commissioner prefers his privacy and does not make eye contact while talking to people. The anti-social personality is believed to be dealing with high anxiety pressure while addressing the press conference. The shaking of his hands might be justifiable with his personality.

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Why Do Gary Bettman Hands Shake? Details On The Health Update

Gary Bettman's shaking hands has caught the eye of millions on social media, with no official confirmation from the commissioner.

According to the undisclosed source from the bleacherreport, Gary has been diagnosed with Confabulation Disorder, a memory disorder syndrome. However, the rumor has spread across the media with no actual positive results.

While the shaking of hands is believed as a normal habit of Gary, he has been found on multiple occasions where his hands shake like a leaf on a tree. 

Gary has received a negative impact on the media with backlash from players. Some athletes even believe him as one of the worst commissioners in the history of the NHL.

How Much Does The Commissioner Of NHL Earn? Gary Bettman Net Worth And Salary Disclosed 

Gary has optioned to keep his net worth secret. However, the commissioner earned a whopping 7.5 million dollars as a salary for his contribution to the league in 2010-2011.

According to bleacherreport, Gary, before the lockout, used to earn 3.77 million dollars a year. He used to get a big paycheque for being the father figure of the NHL.

The commissioner had the vision to grow the league. Gary increased the revenue of the NHL, which was just over 400 million dollars before his position. Now, the league has grown to an 865 million dollar industry.

However, he has been part of different lockouts. He received wide criticism for his labor stoppages which resulted in the 2004-05 season being canceled. A huge loss was borne by NHL at that time.

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