Does Darnell Nurse Have Vitiligo?

As things are, Darnell Nurse is thought to have vitiligo as seen in his physical appearance.

The different skin color on his face is clearly visible and the spots look somehow related to the mentioned condition.

However, the information is not absolutely confirmed since there are no official reports regarding this subject on the internet.

Similarly, the player hasn't responded to his face mark talks as well.

Thus, we can only speculate but regardless, the athlete does seem to have vitiligo.

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What Happened To Darnell Nurse Face And Eyebrow?

Darnell Nurse's face and eyebrow skin color spots seem to be the result of a skin condition known as vitiligo.

These marks can be seen on his left eyebrow and just below his nose where the color of his pigmentation is different from the general one.

It is a situation that takes place when the skin loses its pigment cells as known from the internet.

Apparently, the Oilers player is thought to have the same condition as well.

Meet Darnell Nurse On Instagram

Darnell Nurse can be found on Instagram under the handle @drtwofive.

He has a verified account with over 83.8k followers at the time of writing.

Darnell seems to be pretty active on the social media platform as well since he has already made more than 210 uploads.

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