Does DiJonai Carrington Have A Boyfriend?

DiJonai Carrington keeps her boyfriend's identity a secret.

She has never spoken publicly or in interviews about her love life or previous relationships.

The public always wonders if she's hiding her relationship or doesn't have one.

DiJonai Carrington Dating History 

DiJonai has remained tight-lipped about her dating life.

DiJonai was the WNBA's 21st pick, coming from the Baylor University basketball team.

In the second round, she was selected with the 20th overall choice.

She played at Baylor and averaged 14.1 points and 4.9 rebounds before being chosen into the WNBA.

DiJonai Carrington Relationship Timeline Explored

The timeline of Dijonai's relationship is unknown.

She hasn't spoken anything about her relationship thus far. Her dating status is unknown.

DiJonai Carrington, a Baylor University women's basketball player, was just selected in the WNBA Draft for 2021.

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Who Are DiJonai Carrington Parents?

DiJonai is the daughter of Darren Carrington, an NFL safety who spent eight years in the league.

Vickie, her mother, was a former sprinter for Arizona University.

Before transferring to Utah, Carrington's brother, Darren, was a successful football player in Oregon.

DiJonai is part of a sports family. When her brother, Darren Carrington II, left home to play college football in Oregon, she was in high school.

 When her father wanted to talk football at the time, she became a sounding board.

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Meet Dijonai Carrington On Instagram

DiJonai's Instagram account is @dijonai_, and she has around 163k followers.

Her account has been validated and made public. She appears to use Instagram daily.

Her account on Twitter is @DijonaiVictoria. She has 18.4k followers since joining in October of 2013.

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