Did Naomi Judd Leave A Suicide Note?

Naomi Judd did not leave a suicide note, according to reports.

The girls had difficulty informing her mother of her death and were hesitant to share the news.

She died of a self-inflicted bullet wound at her home in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, on April 30, 2022, at the age of 76.

Her children used Twitter to announce her death: "A tragedy struck our family today. Our lovely mother succumbed to the disease of mental illness."

Wynonna Judd stated her mother died at 2:20 p.m. on April 30 and kissed her "on the forehead and went away" during The Judds' Country Music Hall of Fame induction on May 1.

She also revealed that the last thing she and her sister Ashley and unnamed other family members did together prayed the 23rd Psalm from the Bible. 

Ashley Judd's Reaction To Her Mother's Death

Ashley Judd says she was visiting with her mother when Naomi Judd died.

"'Are you willing to stay with me?' Mom had inquired. "'Of course,' I replied," Judd explained. After a while, Judd went outside to welcome a visitor who was a friend of her mother's. "I went upstairs to tell her that her friend was here, and I ran into her."

In a note Ashley read on air, Wynonna Judd also expressed her need for "some time to process (her mother's passing)." Judd went on to say that she wasn't ready to speak publicly about what occurred yet and that she "simply (couldn't) believe she's gone."

"We lost our wonderful mother to mental illness," the sisters stated.

Naomi Judd Disease And Illness

Naomi had had mental illness for quite some time.

She had been suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts for a long time. Facial edema, baldness, and tremors were all side effects of the drugs she was administered, which added to her emotional distress.

In 1991, Naomi Judd was also diagnosed with hepatitis C. In 1991, Judd established the Naomi Judd Education and Research Fund to raise awareness about hepatitis C and served as a spokeswoman for the American Liver Foundation.

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