Graham Thorpe Illness: Did He Have A Heart Attack?

Graham Thorpe's illness is still unclear amid the prognosis and there is no confirmation if it was a heart attack.

When asked about his situation, the closely related people said that the situation was still being checked and what actually happened was unclear.

They asked for privacy regarding the matter and well being of the family members.

So, the particular type of illness that worsened Thorpe's situation is still unknown to the outsiders.

Amid the situation, there are speculations that the former cricketer might have suffered from a heart attack.

But no mention of such a condition can be traced at this moment.

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Graham Thorpe Health Update: What Happened To Him?

Graham Thorpe's health suddenly deteriorated which took him to the hospital bed.

Since the news broke out, there have been no further reports talking about his treatment or recovery process.

We hope that the English professional is recovering well but due to the lack of any updates, we cannot really project his current situation.

Apparently, nothing much about the situation is disclosed apart from the first report mentioning Graham as seriously ill.

Who Is Graham Thorpe Wife?

Graham Thorpe's wife is Amanda Thorpe who has been alongside the man for a pretty long time.

She is her second wife as the former cricketer married Amanda a few years after his divorce from his first partner, Nicky Thorpe.

His spouse, Amanda, is detailed as a caring woman who has done much for making a good family life with Graham.

What Is Graham Thorpe Net Worth In 2022?

Graham Thorpe's net worth in 2022 is thought to be around $1- $5 million.

Unfortunately, the official sources have not yet confirmed the actual valuation of the personality.

So, we can only mention a figure based on other information such as his career and earnings.

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