The Internet Thinks Diamond Deshields and Alvin Kamara Are Dating, But Are They Really?

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Diamond Deshields and Alvin Kamara are rumored to be dating. 

Diamond Deshields recently shared about her career-threatening surgery in 2020 as posted by She shared her experience of how she felt she might not be able to control her body anymore after the surgery and how she took care of the problem to get back on the basketball court. 

The Internet Thinks Diamond Deshields and Alvin Kamara Are Dating

The internet thinks that Diamond Deshields and Alvin Kamara are dating. However, they are just friends who have known each other since high school. 

The duo has been seen together several times in public and making comments about each other in the interviews, which have made people speculate that they may be dating. But, it is not true. 

He was previously in love with Just Ace, who was a stripper. But, they broke up later for unknown reasons. Likewise, in September 2021, Alvin made his relationship with his girlfriend Te'a Cooper public.

Cooper was married to Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard, writes Hitc. But she revealed in April 2021 that she and Howard had divorced. And in September, she was in a relationship with the athlete. 

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Who Is Diamond Deshields Boyfriend In 2022?

Diamond Deshields does not seem to have a boyfriend in 2022. Previously, people thought that she might have been dating Alvin Kamara judging from their beautiful relationship. 

However, their relationship is limited to being friends. Although there have been words of admiration from both parties for each other, those are simply how a friend would complement their fellows. 

Additionally, since Deshields has not been in a relationship or has talked about her love life in public, some speculated that she might have an interest in the female. Some cyberians said that she and Gabby Williams look good together. 

Nevertheless, the basketball player does not seem to have any intention of sharing her romantic life with the public. 

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Diamond Deshields Dating Life Makes Netizens Curious

Diamond Deshields's dating life has made netizens curious for a long time now. The 27-year-old has sparked several rumors related to her love life. 

But, she has not openly addressed any of these matters in public. 

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