Deja Has A New Boyfriend On This Is Us

After watching the latest episode, people are speculating that Deja might have a new boyfriend in the show. However, it is not official, so this is only speculation from the viewers, but there are some clear indications of this happening.

Deja is one of the people's favorite characters in the show. It was shown that she is pregnant with a child and the camera cut into another character Marcus, who matches all descriptions she gave. 

She did not give full disclosure, but the information she gave hints all focus on Marcus. Now, people have no choice but to wait and see what the future holds for her and whether their speculations are true or not.

Deja is a character played by Lyric Ross. Many people might remember seeing her in Ironheart, Wendell and Wild, and many other hit projects. Deja is loved by viewers because of many relatable traits.

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Who Plays Marcus On The Show?

Accurate information and details about the actor who plays Marcus are yet to be revealed. However, in a short, introduction he managed to impress the viewers with his simplicity and elegance. 

Marcus has been presented to be a very hard-working and dedicated man. The show presented the fact that he is trying to cure cancer and working hard for it. He is super busy with his work. 

His siblings console him for the hardship he was going through in finding cancer treatment. Several connections have been presented in the show related to Marcus's family and Pearsons in the past.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the future episode to find out more about the path the sho will take. This new plot seems to be making people very eager about what the show could present in the future.