Deborah Fraser Death: What Happened?

Deborah Fraser's death was announced by her family recently.

The actual cause of her death has not been revealed yet but in the statement, her family wrote she died following a short illness. 

Fraser passed away surrounded by her family and friends at her own residence. 

As the news of her death started appearing on the internet, Fraser's fans and followers paid tribute to the lost gospel singer through their social media accounts. 

One Twitter user wrote We are in shock! May the doors of heaven open widely for you. Rest well. 

Deborah is considered one of the most talented singers in South Africa and her death is being considered to be a loss not just to the South African music industry but to the entire world.

What Was Deborah Fraser Wheelchair Illness?

Deborah Fraser was bound to a wheelchair following an illness in the past year. 

As a TikTok video of Fraser being in a wheelchair appeared on the internet last year, she started trending on the internet. 

While some of the netizens speculated she could be acting, others believed she was terribly ill and was not able to walk. 

According to Daily Sun, she was wheelchair-bound after an illness. She started vomiting uncontrollably and lost her body strength to a level where she could not walk on her own feet. 

She said, It all began when I started vomiting uncontrollably and I lost my strength, ever since then, I am unable to walk. 

She also added, that when I try to walk, my movement coordination does not function well, when I try to go right, I go left. 

Who Is Deborah Fraser Chid Mbuso Fraser?

Deborah Fraser is survived by her child Mbuso Fraser. 

He must be devastated after the death of his mother recently. 

The family has asked for privacy following the tragic loss and much about Mbuso has not come to the surface yet. 

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