Daryle Lamonica Cause Of Death And Wiki

Daryle Lamonica passed away on 21st April 2022, at the age of 80. The football legend seems to be sorely missed by fans and his family as they are mourning his loss. The cause of death seems to be natural causes as he died in his own home.

Lamonica grew up in the Central Valley of California he started playing baseball in his early childhood. His initial international competition was during Little League World Series. 

Likewise, by playing through high school and racking wins, he later debuted in the league in the 1963 AFL draft. In his earlier career, he was a backup for Buffalo Bills who had selected him in 1963's AFL Draft, he played for the first four seasons of his career with the Buffalo Bills. 

Daryle Lamonica Wife Mary Lamonica

Daryle married his wife, Mary Lamonica in 1970, the couple were married together for more than 40 years. They had a compassionate and palpable bond as Mary seems to remain by his side throughout his hardships and happiness. 

Consequently, the couple seems to have a handsome son, Brandon who was born in 1977 and is nearly 45 years old. The family moved to the Clovis school district for the education of Brandon. 

Moreover, Mary and Brandon are in mourning and are saddened by his death. The fans and various media are pouring sympathy to the family for the demise of a loving husband and father, and a player with a sound legacy. 

Daryle Lamonica Net Worth 2022

Daryle's had a net worth of 61 million dollars in 2022, he might have additional assets and other income sources. However, the sources speculate his wealth to be over sixty million dollars.