Is Cristin Milioti Really Pregnant In Made For Love?

Yes, Cristin Milioti is really pregnant in Made For Love with Byron's child.

In the finale of the current part of the show, Hazel, played by Cristen, was shown as pregnant with Byron's baby.

The actress is shown six months pregnant in the final episode of the series which came as a twist to many fans.

We will have to wait for the third season to know what actually happens after that, as in if there are any other twists and turns in the story.

But as things are shown at the moment, Cristin is indeed expecting a baby in Made For Love.

Cristin Miliot scene from Made For Love
Cristin Miliot scene from Made For Love

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Cristin Milioti Baby Bump Photos

Cristin Milioti's baby bump photos are not easily found on the internet at the moment.

She is confirmed to be with a six months baby but no photos of her belly bump have circulated on the internet to this date.

From this, it seems like the lady is not shown with the divulged belly in the show.

We might have to wait for the next season to get a glance at the pictures.

Is Jesse Hooker Cristin Milioti Husband?

There were rumors of Cristin Milioti getting engaged to Jese Hooker but the actress denied the man being her husband.

It was back in 2008 when the rumors of them dating started to circulate on the internet.

Shortly after, there was speculation that Milioti got engaged to Hooker.

However, the actress denied the talks and said they were happy before opening up about their five years relationship in 2014.

Married Celeb further reports that the pair went separate paths in 2013 and were never married.

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