New Jersey Operations Manager Cris Pannullo Is On A 15-Games Streaks On Jeopardy

Cris Pannullo has secured yet another win on Jeopardy.
Cris Pannullo has secured yet another win on Jeopardy.( Source : tvinsider )

Cris Pannullo is a super champ whose job was to work as a operations manager in New Jersey. Cris is on a 15-game winning streak.

Jeopardy has yet again found a new winner, and this time Cris has won Jeopardy and he is now an 11-game winner. 

On the Jeopardy! show that aired on Friday, Cris Pannullo of Ocean City won his 11th match in a row, bringing his total winnings to more than $350,000. Pannullo had the 15th-longest winning streak of all time.

Early in the game, Pannullo once more built an unstoppable advantage that only became larger as time went on. He earned a $35,200 score at the end of the Double Jeopardy round, giving him advantages over the competitors in second and third place of $30,000 and $33,000, respectively.

 The show is very entertaining to watch, and it also has a large audience worldwide. The audience absolutely adores him on the show.

Where Is Cris Pannullo From & What Does He Do For Work?

Cris is originally from Ocean City, N.J. Prior to joining Jeopardy, he used to be a professional poker player. This also explains his playing style in the game itself. 

He lives in New Jersey with his girlfriend Heather

He is a risk-taker, and he does not mind playing big and risky. His poker skills have been compared to James Holzhauer who used to be a professional sports bettor who had 32 streaks of game wins and left the show with a total of $2.46 million in regular-season winnings.

Cris Pannullo looks confident and gives a thumbs up for the camera during the show.
Cris Pannullo looks confident and gives a thumbs up for the camera during the show. ( Source : jeopardy )

People believe that Pannullo has the required skills to match the legacy of James Holzhauer. Even the host of the show has mentioned the similarities Cris has with Holzhauer. 

However, Pannullo stays humble, and he has mentioned that he is not as good as James Holzhauer. But his fans think otherwise. His fans believe that he can live up to the legacy James has held till now. 

He also used to work as The customer success operations manager in New Jersey. However, he is fully focused on maintaining his streak right now and we will definitely be seeing more of him in the coming months.

Cris Pannullo Journey On Jeopardy So Far

The customer success operations manager originally from Ocean City, New Jersey, who won a total of $356,702 has already qualified for the following Tournament of Champions.

Cris may not have a plan for how he would spend his earnings just yet, but he does have a strategy for how he will keep his hard-earned money secure. He wants to keep all the money he earns under his mattress as he believes that is the best thing he could do.

Nine of Cris's 11 victories have been lopsided victories. Additionally, his Jeopardata statistics are also as amazing. Cris credits his approach of playing toward the center of the left-hand side of the game board first with his current 94 percent correct response rating and 89 percent Daily Double rating.

As much as the game prize is shocking he has also explained how much he just values the chance of being there and meeting different people throughout the show. He claimed that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and he will never forget the times he has shared in the show.

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